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Session 1722

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1722 acts as a marker of where I am at at the beginning of this project.  It is very much related to empty chair, although I utilized two prime lenses for the shooting, which I have never used before.  I needed this time to get at least some experience with the focus ring and the differences between the two lenses.  Movement wise- it was created with usual, if not signature, directives, patterns, paths.  This started off as a blank studio though I had some still frames prepared in my head.  Apart from the beginning gesturing, the dance was shot twice twice in it's entirety while maneuvering the camera around with one break arm break/wink.

The sock: it was just a marker for the beginning. It was brought to attention by one of the research assistants, but I had already noted it thinking that it has existed in a shot already so for continuity it has to stay.  They actually started dancing around it/avoiding it so it actually became a part of the choreography.

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