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Session 17223

Session 17223 explored some events that I had wanted to test out in a previous project that never made it past the story board stage.  I wanted the first section just for humor, for framing, and because I wanted something episodic that had nothing to do with anything.  The next section was about trying to find directives about delicate movements or connections: finding the reverb of sound from one body into another, moving your body like it is a wind-sculpture, becoming autonomous.  The final partition (demarcated by the closing of the door on the last section) is a based off of a stepping pattern.  It would have been amazing to have taken the time to produce a full stepping pathway, but completely immersing into a "thing" (for lack of a better word) isn't what this is about.  Which is also a thing I struggled with, letting go of specifics or being okay with not mining specific parts.  At some point that has to happen, but I know that I can already find that more easily than letting something exist as it is for a minute.

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