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Session 17226

Session 17226 : I met a new assistant; Nicole Assanti.  We got coffee a couple of days before.  I had no idea how she moved or understood dance.  I had Nicole solo for me; I watched, I appreciated, and I found things I wanted to break.  So this was about talking with someone new. Trying to find a common thread, and seeing how well she took me.  There are still somethings in the piece that were stylistically against my desires, but for only ever working for an hour and a half together, I'm rather pleased.  Yes, absolutely ecstatic I made a new friend.

Movement: It's still the same idea of generating a movement phrase.  I keep trying to find more quickness, however, it just never translates.  I'm starting to add smaller things, which is something that I find more interesting than dancie-dance movement.  So I'm going to continue moving away from flow.

Filming: I'm still working on keeping things in focus- I did acquire a contraption that should help with that and stabilize.

Music: I went against a more lyrical song because I'm not really trying to say anything related to pop culture/phenomenon 

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