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Session 1729

Session 1792 was supposed to be me facing the challenge of working with 7-10 people.  However, things happened so it was going to be 4 then 3, and then there was a snow storm.  It ended up being a party of me, but I decided to consider the things I was planning on working with when there other people coming.  I just either had to be the other people or work with: passing, mundane, and a floor thing.

I didn't technically make a film for this one, it's more of just a documentation for what I was working on, but because I needed to be at least four people to see if what i was doing was working I had to at least go through a filming and editing process, which lead me to figuring out some different tricks in the video editing realm.  Though I know some parts should be fixed/cleaned up a bit, but since this isn't really about creating something pristine it doesn't really matter too much.

Passing: there are multiple ways of setting this up, but for this set up I had to create a simple phrase that I could cut into three pieces and add in "free" sections such that the middle me did a "free" "section 1" free" section "3" "slow free" then the other sections I forgot what I had planned.  The left me did a "Free" "section 1" "section 2" "section 3."  I also had to stay in a lane, and I wanted quicker moving bodies so the vocabulary is rather limited and not fulfilled.

Mundane: I'm trying to figure out how to make mundane interesting.  This should have been with 7-10 people, and to a different soundscore.  I just wanted to see what it was like to scratch my head and have that be something.

Floor: I just hate the floor so I just need to work on being there for a bit.

So I've been doing a variation of the same solo for years.  I wanted to start working with other bodies because there is so much more that can be done within a shorter amount of time.  You can layer, add more texture without having to have more than one version of the same phrase going on in your head trying to make sure you have the same arbitrary timing.

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