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Session 1732

Session 1732: I worked with two people from OSU.  So I've known them for a relatively long time.  Though we haven't danced together often if at all.  However, I know they are interested in some of the same aesthetics, and I know how they have moved.  I think this is my favorite session thus far; it keeps some quirk, and it doesn't try to be too much at once.

Movement: We had discussed finding more direct and quickness.  I feel that there is more of a dynamic between the indulgent parts and the direct parts, but there would need to be more investigation into the movement than the time allotted for.  

Filming: I tried not moving as much, using an optical mount for the veiwfinder, but more importantly I realized after the fact that I needed to back up as during editing and utilizing the stabilizing function "zooms" in.  I hope to figure out how to stabilize the camera more while still being able to be a mobile videographer. 

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