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Session 17323

Session 17326: Research Assistants Elyse Desmond and Derek DiMartino

I was really excited to have these two amazing people with me during the process.  And my friend Emma makes a cameo through her phrase "This is a brooch." For me a brooch is an ornament that we adorn ourselves with.  I wanted to emulate that by picking random parts of their bodies that they may find satisfying that they embellish it on their daily lives. 

I think it is funny that Elyse brought in the running fingers because i had used it in Rehearsal: Empty Chair, and she didn't know.  Derek added his own embellishments by adding things to the movement i created, and almost always I said "yes, figure out what that was because it is in it." I wanted their own ornaments to be there.

I didn't want a lot of touching because I didn't want it to be a romantic relationship.  At one point I'll figure out how to disconnect the two but that was not today.  

Filming: The contraption I attach to help with focusing

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