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At Fault

Part 1

Part 2

"At Fault" : You held me hostage like I meant something to you.  Strangers on a train.  Please see me.

A dance film researching the hows and whys we continue to intermingle between the exceptional and ordinary.  How we strive to be seen, but continue to pull ourselves into fitting in

Performers: Beadau Karol Banks, Leisa DeCarlo, Natalie Deryn, Theresa Elwell, Effy Grey, Marjorie Gross, Therese Ronco, Kristi Ann Schopfer, Emily Smith
Effy Grey and Natalie Deryn (Effy's clips)

Music: Diagram of Suburban Chaos, Mum, Lykke Li, Jonsi and Alex, AGF, Johann Johannasson, Taylor Deupree and Marcus Fischer

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