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Session 17330

Session 17330: Research Assistant Theresa Elwell


I wanted to build a person from the ground up.  The directives were to imagine the organs moving into the joints; the were to thrust into them.  Since cells are the same but different the organs were to find take over the muscles and the bones (kind of like cell differentiation but more like mutation).  The organs find themselves in this mecha they don't know how to control but soon do.

It started off as more of a thrust of the organs into joints, but then they started to be able to support themselves.  We decided that it was more about the unsustainability of support was more important in understanding the build.

When finally supported, the movement just started as a jerk (typical), but as more control happened we imagined the joints as a movie reel with each minor movement being a frames so a bend of the wrist would have hundreds of frames.  The body moved more fluidly as the frames moved faster. 

Part of me thought about evolution and about human development.  It wasn't until going through more fluid bodies that had to be supported by water into more structured organisms.  Babies can't hold their heads up, children are so loose, and adults become refined.

The set phrase was the adult-It didn't have any real descriptions because adults already know everything.  Except at as the hand dragged across the chest.  I ask that Theresa feel that it there was so much weight or potential energy inside the hand that when it shot out that it was like an arrow being released.

The last section is investigating the folds encountered from the beginning but with less quake from an outside/other force and more of just meeting the folds as a known body.

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