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Effy Grey began creative work in Columbus, Oh; they started taking dance classes at OSU and worked with a slew of makers with then graduate students Erik Abbott-Main, Maree Remalia and Micheal Morris to independent choreographers Kristina Isabelle, Aaron Kint and Coco Loupe.  Ever shifting tides brought new experiences and opportunities like learning arial trapeze apparatuses to cofounding the Columbus Movings Company.  They have been recipients of two Professional Development Grants and the Columbus Dances Fellowship Award for their duet with Jeff Fouch "1962."  Due to a debilitating injury, Effy sought out photography as a creative outlet, which allowed them to work with many artists when they moved to New York City in 2014.  They have worked with choreographers/companies Baira Mvmnt Phlsphy, Abby Zbikowski, Abby Z and the New Utility, BoyFriday, The Feat3r Theory, Coco Karol, Gallim, Emily Smith - Not for ReTale, The Nash Conspiracy, Lucy Kerr and others in varying collaborations of photography, videography, and performance.  


In both performance, photography and videography, Effy explores the possible ways of connection, perspective and the understanding of human emotions and identities through varying orientations, relations, qualities, textures and desires.  Their photo work has been featured in the NYTimes, TimeOUT, HuffPost,  Dance Magazine, festival promotions, and various institutional publications. 

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